Top 3 Cultured And Friendly Cities Of Pakistan

Hi, Travelers And Tourists, This Is Your Boy Ali Hassan, And There I’m Going To Provide You Some Useful Information About Pakistan. And We Know Pakistan Is Includes In The Top 10 Best Tourists Destinations In The World. And Pakistan is Leading 1st Rank In The World For Ideal Tourism. This Whole Phenomenon Is Due To Pakistan’s Northern Areas Natural Beauty.

Friendly And Cultured Cities Of Pakistan

But On The Other Hand, Many Peoples & Travelers Are Want To Cover The Pakistan Historical Places & Cultures As Well. So They Want To Know More About The Cultures And Their Traditions. So That’s Why I’m There To Provide You Some Best & Authentic Information Regarding Top 3 Well Cultures & Friendly Cities Of Pakistan.

So What Are You Waiting For? If You Are Also Want To Know More About This. So Read This Complete Post Till The Last Word. So Let’s Begin To Start The Proper Talk On Main Topic.

Here Is The Little List Of Top 3 Cultured And Friendly Cities Of Pakistan, Please Check Their Details In Further Short Details One by One Below Of This List.

  1. Lahore The Heart Of Pakistan.
  2. Karachi The Business Hub Of Pakistan.
  3. Sialkot City The Business Tycoons Hub.

So These Are The Best best Top Cultured And Friendly Cities Of Pakistan, Now Let’s Discuss About Them Shortly 1 By 1.

Lahore City Pakistan’s Heart Line

When We Talk About The Lahore, Then I Realize My Childhood Memories, When I Was Running In the Streets Of Lahore Without My Shoes. And That Was The Time I Was Very Happy And Enjoying My Life.

So As A Native Person Of Lahore, I Know Much things About Lahore City. So Basically Now At Present Time Lahore City Is Divided Into Two Major Parts. The One Part Is Called New Lahore And 2nd One Is Called Old Lahore.

This City Is Having With Huge Historical Stories, And Many Mughals And RaajPoots Was Living Their With Their All Royals Servants & Family Members. Basically Lahore Is The Main Place Of Every Old Prince.

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Lahore A Cutured and Friendly City of Pakistan
Lahore A Cultured and Friendly City of Pakistan (This Image Is Taking From Royalty Free Images Unsplash)

History And Culture Of Lahore

Mughals And Other Pak-o-Hind Royal Prince’s Were Living Their Because This Is The Main City Where They Can Feel Safe & Happy.

And In Lahore Many Kind Of Historical Places Like Shish Mahal, Tomb Of Jahangeer, Tomb Of Iqbal (The Poet Of East) Also Buried There. You Can See The Importance Of This City By Their 1000 Years Ago Old Buildings.

Now If We Talk About The Lahore Peoples, So they Are Very Friendly And Lovely Nature. Their Special Thing Is Hospitality, They Are Very Caring, And Hospitality Is The Culture Of Their Peoples. If You Come there As A Foreigner & If You Buy Any Thing From Market, They Will Never Take Any Penny From Your Against Any Thing You Have Buy From Them. Because This Is The Culture Of Their City.

Karachi The Business Line Of Pakistan

Karachi Is The Best & Biggert City Of Pakistan And Many peoples Are Living There, Because This Is The Main Business Hub Of Pakistan, And There Are Some Best See Ports Are Available For Trade Purpose. And The Founder Of Pakistan Is Also Buries There.

This City Is Also Includes In The Best & Cultured City Of Pakistan. This City Is Composed With High Level Of History. All Kind Of Big Decision Are taken From There.

Karachi The City Of Business
Karachi The City Of Business Image Is taken From Royalty Free Images Site Unsplash.

Many Peoples Are Doing Business There Internationally. Every Year Thousands Of Tourists Come Their For Business & Enjoyment. And Karachi Food Is Very Famous In Pakistan. Specially Bar B Q Of This City Is Very Famous.

Karachi Peoples Are Very Kind And Friendly Nature, They Loves To Share Their Special Thing With Tourists And Guide Them For Good Things. Peoples Of Karachi Same Like As The Lahore Peoples. They Are Also Not take Any Money If You Buy From Them. Now Let’s Come To Discuss Some About Sialkot.

Sialkot The Business Tycoons Hub

When We Talk About The Sialkot City Of Pakistan, Then We Think About The Sports Items And Business Mans Of Pakistan. Because Pakistan Mostly High Class Business Mans Are Doing Business In Sialkot On International Level.

Many Kind Of Items Are Making Their Related To Sports And Medical Instruments. Sialkot Is The One Of The Best Exporter City Of The World With High Quality Sports Items.

Mostly Football World Cup Football Design In Sialkot By Hand. And Players Like To Play With Sialkot Sport Items. Because They Not Compromise Quality Of Product.

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Sialkot The Business Culture City
Sialkot The Business Culture City, This Image Is taken From Unsplash Free Royalty Free Images.

This City Peoples Are Very Life And Funny Mod. They Like To Chill Out Very Much, And Show Their Love With Tourists & Travelers. They Like To Pay For Other Things For Tourists & Travelers.

They Are Always Try To Care Their Tourists. And You Can Take Everything Free In Sialkot If You Are Tourist There. So What Your Plan, Hope You Will Like To Visit Sialkot City. And One More Important Thing Is This City Business Man Community Is Having Their Own Air Line Services for Business Purpose Called Air Sial.

So These Are The Top 3 Best Cultured And friendly Cities Of Pakistan, You Should Visit 1 Time In Your Traveling Career. If You Are Planning To Visit These Cities, So You Can Contact Us Via Contact Page.

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